Unfinished urgent business: trial of named elected officials in the COA reports Part II

Today’s news informs us that the IAGCC, handling the pork barrel scam, will file a case as soon as the “roomful of evidence’ has been combed.  In the previous weeks, the news informed us that Justice De Lima cleared the President’s Party allies of the scam along with three members of the Senate administrative office.   Also, arrest warrants for the President’s Party allies were recalled.

What’s wrong with this paper trail?

First, suspects (named in the COA reports) were cleared of involvement even when the case has not yet been filed.  A case of making a verdict before the trial.

Second, why were the arrest warrants recalled?  In fact, arrests are the logical and standard next step after the COA reports divulged the systemic pillage of public funds, but which until now we haven’t seen progressing.  Just to be on the same page with everyone,

An arrest warrant is acquired in a court of law by presenting a judge with probable cause for arresting the suspect. If there is any pertinent evidence that can be presented to the judge when requesting an arrest warrant that will speed up the process then it should be disclosed. That is why many officers or prosecutors make sure they have probable cause and at least two pieces of evidence to present to the judge before requesting an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants are most commonly required when a crime is committed out of view of a police officer. If a felony is committed in view of a police officer then an arrest can be made without a warrant.

The COA reports are more than probable cause (along with the “roomful of evidence”).  As mentioned in an earlier article, the paper trail that led to the discovery of the scam has already been established by the audit reports.  There should now be an ongoing trial which is the proper place for the named elected officials to present their defense.  The NBI can go scour the four corners of the earth to look for Napoles and her group.  But here, now, the issue at hand, unfinished urgent business, is the trial of the named elected officials.  Don’t they want to clear their names, too, properly?  Because now their names are equated to thieves, scoundrels, liars, cheaters, criminals — stripped of everything desired in a leader, a law maker, an official.

The public has been assured of an impartial trial.  So let us now proceed with the impartial.


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