Yacht chase in the time of typhoon

via androidst4u

Yacht chase in the midst of a raging typhoon is so 007. I should go see this one, live. To witness the moment when Bond, despite the raging sea, finally catches the woman and because Bond is Bond this happens just when she’s about to step into the shower. He turns her around and whoa! — so gorgeous as fuck he doesn’t turn her in. What sea machine is the NBI using? Let’s hope it’s more sophisticated than a dinghy. Otherwise, it ought to get a meaner one, borrow from its cousin the Navy. A special sub no less. Else, before Bond could even utter his patented one-liner of a name, the fugitive has removed herself into a spaceship but not after setting the yacht on fire. Your guess to what happens after this?

But seriously. These yachts as well as the Ritz-Carlton pad and properties reported to have been bought by Napoles using public funds should’ve been earlier sequestered and kept under State custody until her trial is done. The President assured the public that the government will ensure recovery of public assets lost through the scam. Those yachts are public properties. Well, all the more that the NBI exert more effort to the chase.

What’s the deal with Napoles and her group? The public is hyper aware that there was considerable lag time when the scam was first publicly divulged and when Napoles slipped through the grip of the so-called long arm of the law. Time enough to charge and arrest Napoles and sequester properties under her name. Instead, as I recall, the public was fed with information (e.g. Napoles’ vacuum cleaner has swarovski diamonds on it; Napoles’ came from a landed family; etc.) that somehow triggered off the Filipino’s weakness for theatrics in others. By the time people were done giving the bejeweled vacuum cleaner a 360-degree view, Napoles has gone quietly out the door, probably sick in her stomach from laughing. But out of sight or not, there are still the properties she has left behind that government must sequester.

Nonetheless these wild goose chases between authorities and wrongdoers have lost their novelty. The public has seen enough of the pattern. For one, what charges is the NBI arresting and chasing Napoles for? For kidnapping her former employee-turned-whistleblower! (Add to this a new twist to the chase: a group of priests have allegedly disputed the kidnapping charges!) When Napoles is finally caught, will she be charged for the real wrongdoing? But then she’s only one of.

This is the crux of the matter in this whole sordid affair: Neither Napoles, who’s on the run, nor the named elected officials, who haven’t abandoned their seats, have not been charged for the pork barrel scam and taken into trial.


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