Face off between father and son

Apparently what happened next is Napoles turning herself in and being mulled over as a state witness. Why would the State need her as a witness when she’s reportedly among the brains? It’s like finally catching Al Capone but instead of putting him on trial he’s asked to witness against his own enterprise. Apart from this being the most ridiculous thing ever in the history of law practice, would Capone as a witness against his own creation tell a minutiae of truth? Shouldn’t the State instead question Napoles and the named elected officials as part of their trial? And if they won’t answer, the law says it’s contempt.

But this article is not about this turn of events. It’s about an insider looking out and seeing a situation outside which reminds him of utterances he has heard in his younger life directed at others who have threatened his family’s freedom and security and succeeded. But now those very utterances are mirrored back at him.

via thepioneerwoman

While thinking about the report on the sea chase for Napoles and yachts, this was the thought that intruded. This month the nation honored its heroes, Ninoy Aquino especially. I thought, it could be Ninoy (and the other dead heroes) in the form of the people knocking on the office of the President, his one and only son, asking him, as he has asked President Marcos then, to be the person to let the light in, to truly make the daan tuwid. The people and all those dead heroes Ninoy including because their fight is not yet over are waiting for the light, real freedom and security to break through. Heroism is clearly not a once a year commemoration, as if the act is something outside of ourselves, what others do. To reduce heroism to this is mockery of the deaths of this nation’s heroes.

I can understand trauma. Losing a father, and Ninoy is not your average father, at a very young age but not so young not to know the circumstances of his death is the most terrible thing for any child to experience. But the message in Ninoy’s untimely death is that such a killing and the forces behind it shouldn’t happen again. (Until now there has not been a verdict in the case of the massacre of the group of journalists in Maguindanao, meaning the children and families they left behind are suffering the same kind of suffering that Ninoy Aquino’s family experienced.)  I think that if not for anything else this undue suffering in others should be the President’s main anchor for staying on course in his daang matuwid mission.  The people, who desire nothing but good for their country, are one behind him.


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