Injustice everywhere

There’s now again a murdered journalist.  Government vowed to bring him and his family justice.  The massacre of 30 journalists in 2009 in Maguindanao – condemned by the international press community – allegedly by the local elected official then is still on pre-trial.

Prior to the Pork Barrel Scam, there was the expose of the Bureau of Customs’ entrenched corruption and smuggling. What’s the reform process happening there is now left to the public’s imagination. There has been no more news on that since after the Scam.

Prior to the Bureau of Customs Expose, there was the MRT II Project USD30M extortion attempt involving the President’s sister and brother-in-law, reported to authorities by no less than the Ambassador of Czechoslovakia. There has been no updates since.

Prior to all the above, there was the accusation that COMELEC has rigged the 2013 Elections (and the elections before this). The cases remain unresolved. The Barangay and SK Elections are here soon and COMELEC says it will be done manually (in contrast to the computerized system in the recent May 2013 national elections). And that the agency hasn’t the funds for this local elections.

Back to the Pork Barrel Scam, the highest public officials in the land are scurrying to provide Napoles the most comfortable “prison cell” in the name of security and health for one individual, a “high profile” criminal suspect at that. Meantime, thousands of squatters on the Metro’s waterways who are being relocated on sites miles away from their places of work (thereby co-opting their economic security and consequently mental health) were to be arrested if they returned. Why do I feel their arrest won’t be as accommodating as the treatment given to Napoles?

There’s a lot I’ve in mind to say to all these but WTF is at the top. It is getting more and more difficult everyday to reconcile realities with the constitutional provision that this country is a democratic republic.


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