What we’re seeing now is too much focus on Napoles.  Let us remember that the primary duty bearers over public funds in this case the PDAF or pork barrel are public officials (they were the ones audited by COA). These funds wouldn’t have been channeled to conduits without their imprimatur. Investigation for plunder should therefore refocus on the named elected officials in the COA report. The law is clear that for them to say they don’t know what happened to the funds or didn’t know that the NGOs were fake is tantamount to negligence and exposes their gullibility both of which do not wash them off the guilt.

The people cannot anymore sit quietly by until these public officials are subjected to proper investigation by the competent court. The amount of funds stolen were too much and it had been going on far too long and all those time they did it while shaking our hands and smiling their best smiles — a far far worse crime than Marcos’ because by now they ought to have known better.  Until now the named public officials have not substantially presented evidence to counter the audit reports other than verbal denials.


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