On Napoles’ mugshot

via Philippine Inquirer

When somebody gets arrested, the police take a booking photograph, commonly known as a mugshot. This photo isn’t proof of guilt; it is standard police procedure during the booking process

The purpose of the mug shot is to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of the arrested individual to allow for identification by victims and investigators. Most mug shots are two-part, with one side-view photo, and one front-view… In high-profile cases, mug shots may also be published by the media.

However, the term is sometimes used for a similar format photographic portrait taken for any reason, not necessarily involving formal arrest. For example, the process of applying for a security clearance or a passport may require the applicant to submit a mug shot photo.

1970 mugshot of Elvis Presley probably taken when he was in Washington DC visiting President Nixon. This is likely a routine security record since Presley was not arrested. via Wikipedia 

The US legal system has long held that mug shots can have a negative effect on juries. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held “The double-shot picture, with front and profile shots alongside each other, is so familiar, from ‘wanted’ posters in the post office, motion pictures and television, that the inference that the person involved has a criminal record, or has at least been in trouble with the police, is natural, perhaps automatic”.

So to be on the same page as with everyone:  Mugshots are standard police procedure during the booking process (see the Philippine National Police SOP here) not necessarily pronouncement of guilt.

Which is why I personally don’t see the added value of Napoles’ mugshot release now considering that her face is already imprinted on everyone’s mind months prior to this mugshot.

The second major point is: why is ‘1992’ the ending numerals in her case number? Is it just my hazy view because from DOJ dockets, the format is that the year on the case number is the year when the case was filed/received by the court (e.g. Case No. 002-2011 in Aquilino Pimentel vs GMA which was received in court on October 20, 2011). Also the crime she was arrested for should precede the case number — so what does CRSM stand for?

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