Today, face the music

The crises we’re faced now, today, are the remains of the past. This is not the first time corruption and plunder have cropped up but when these did years ago nothing was done about it. Or if there was, it was superficial, not really institutional change. So unless we do something substantial about these crises now – and do it right this time – these will crop up again another time and then it’d really obliterate us all. The longer we procrastinate the more work will build up the more it will cost us, but we know that already. We see and experience it, for instance, in the perennial flooding of our streets and highways. Surely we don’t want the mistakes in that sector replicated in, and drown, our political system?

Bobit Avila, columnist at Philippine Star writes

Last June 8 the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) the national consecration of the Philippines to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in all the basilicas, churches and chapels all over the Philippines seeking our Blessed Mother’s maternal protection, and suddenly in less than three months, the nation is once again in turmoil! This is a divine cleansing to prepare our nation for the up and coming International Eucharistic Congress in the year 2016.

This nation is 80% Catholic and Catholic teaching says if you dedicate yourself to Mary (or her son, Jesus) you go through a sort of cleansing because Mary (and Jesus) are without sin.  In other words, the Mary (or Jesus) cannot be in league with the Devil. We can’t be praying for Mary’s protection without also expecting a response from her, can we? Well, this is the response. These crises we’re facing now are unresolved issues of our past – little imps then, full-fledged devils now – which we’ve continually denied and put off but we’re being forced to flush out .  And funny how Fate deems that another Aquino is in Malacanang. Since many in the country believes in karma, this turn of events would only be natural. Change was what Ninoy and Cory were after and not much change happened during their time. In fact, Ninoy died fighting the man, the President, who was deaf to his demands for change. Today is the best time to make that dream of change a reality for all Filipinos.


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