Lost case Part 2

Members of the Senate Minority group said Wednesday that it is not their job to verify the legitimacy of the non-government organizations (NGOs) that receive their pork barrel through government agencies.

In a statement, the Senate Minority cited a specific provision in the 2009 General Appropriations Act (GAA) which states that the government agencies and local government units shall ensure if the NGOs and people’s organizations that they deal with are legitimate.

– via Philippine Star

Fine. But this brings us back to square one: what is the job of a Senator? Does it include handling PDAF? If yes, what are the responsibilities attached to this particular task? Surely it is safe to say that a basic responsibility there at least is to establish some sort of reporting mechanism with the GAs and LGUs – direct implementers – to ensure that the PDAF is used as it should and that it’s actually resulting to quality of life for all Filipinos? One doesn’t put in a billion pesos in a bank and then forget about it. Surely?


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