On throwing open the State treasury to ‘livelihood girls’

Ejercito admitted he is also worried about being linked to the scam because during his stint as congressman, he and his colleagues had to deal with some of these NGOs whose representatives – usually beautiful women – would often do business at the session hall.

“I was also a congressman for one term and I noticed then in plenary there are times there are a lot of beautiful ladies around. We called them ‘livelihood girls’ because they were offering livelihood (projects). In fact, they are really beautiful it is hard to say no at times,” Ejercito said.

via Philippine Star

The way I see prostitutes is they’re no less human than the rest of  the working population. Prostitution does not define who prostitutes really are deep down, rather it’s just another job, a skills set in response to certain needs. If prostitutes excelled in some other set of skills or knowledge and opportunities are available to apply these and consequently earn much more, she (or he) may not be in this line of work.

Obviously, the man (or woman) who avails of their service(s) is of a different league from the man (or woman) who doesn’t. In the case of the beguiled man, the truer explanation maybe that he was thinking more of satisfying needs south of his waistline so much so that he enters a trance in which he throws open the gates to the State treasury to those who are not meant to be let in. The prostitutes are honest at least — what you see is what you get so it’s not a surprise when they step over the line into theft, dipping their hands into their rich clients’ pockets. But for their particular clients to switch their brains with their private watchamacallit parts and this whilst on official duty?


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