On the Mindanao problem

I think the decades-old Mindanao problem is not about the MILF or the MNLF per se, but that there are, to put it bluntly, traitors from the mainstream who are pushing the buttons here and there and pouring in the needed fuel. That backers are really after the gold in the region is not news to locals.

These traitors are anay to the nation. They are the greater enemies and more dangerous because they are from within. What do they hope to gain by supporting continued violence? They are the greater evil because their hearts and minds are hardened from the daily deaths of innocents caught in the middle of their war. While the regions’ self-styled leaders demand the State for this and that, locals are suspended in a kind of limbo, pulled this way and that, doing their best to get on despite their towns and villages being among the poorest in the country. But do their self-styled leaders-representatives really care? And why do the rest of the Filipinos care? Local governments in the region should recall that their coffers are also oiled by Filipinos in the mainland and neighboring islands with the expectation that this goes to infrastructures and services to benefit locals in the region.


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