So think

I don’t mind, in fact I recommend it, that public officials get the best out of my tax: the best security detail, comfortable travel and accommodation while on official business (it’s an embarrassment to have them holed up in say a room in a boarding house), the best effects to aid them in their work. But apparently, the latest evidence is this scam, many public officials have not given thought to that. Instead, they’ve repeatedly thrown dregs to the people. Bad road engineering, neglected bridges, neglected district hospitals and barangay health centers, neglected school buildings, no sewerage to speak of, unsanitary garbage and waste disposal, buildings that do not meet the standards in the National Building Code (because local authorities are not doing their job), etc. etc. In short, the nation is short-changed. Well, apart from having been deceived.

Hopefully the State saw in the Million People March the face of the changed Filipino — one who is aware, who thinks, has a sharper sense of right and wrong, is righteously stirred (as opposed to numbed), has courage to stay true to his or her self (i.e. freedom and liberty as birthrights as opposed to regarding these as privileges), and does his or her duty in making good governance a reality. Hopefully the elected officials named in the COA report saw in these people the “ghost of Christmas past”.


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