On Senator J.Estrada’s revelation: PDAF used as bribe money

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada came out swinging yesterday, alleging that senator-judges received P50 million each in “incentives” after convicting Renato Corona and ousting him as chief justice in the impeachment trial last year.

Estrada tagged Senate President Franklin Drilon, at the time chairman of the finance committee, as the one who allegedly allotted the money, as reflected in a “private and confidential letter memorandum.”

…fund releases were used by the administration to influence lawmakers in voting for the impeachment of Merceditas Gutierrez when she was the ombudsman.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, during her presidency, also used the PDAF to prevent several impeachment cases filed against her from prospering at the House of Representatives.

No complaint against Arroyo, now on her second term as a Pampanga representative, ever reached the Senate.

…fund releases were also used by the administration to push for the passage of the sin tax law.

– via Philippine Star

Horror of horrors! Shameless of them, if these are all true! Tax money spent this way! Such behavior is expected from a gang of thieves but the Senate or Congress? And to top it off no one had stood up against the others and said ‘no way, you’re fucking crazy to even think about it!’ They looked the other way when they didn’t join the club. It’s Pontius Pilate all over again. And we call ourselves a Catholic nation! Washing one’s hands off something or looking the other way only gets the wrong people convicted. Pontius Pilate knew that Jesus did not do wrong by the law.  He was more concerned about his public image and that was his dilemma. So he decided that this Jesus is just one man and a nobody borne of Mary whatshersurname and an obscure carpenter and wasn’t there a rumor that they weren’t legally married and such? In contrast to this nobody, he was Pontius Pilate. The right hand of the god, Ceasar. This delusion of self importance was the final push that sent Jesus to the gallows. Similarly, these public officials’ delusions of personal grandeur are once again nailing the nation onto an undeserved cross, crucifying the people once again, for all the world to deride again and again.

How can Filipinos take this sitting down? How can life go on like a party after this and all the information before this? Current events are challenging us to a practical test of the FOI Bill. Yes, we ought to have access to information but therein lies the catch — freedom (rights) entails responsibility. What are citizens going to do about the information now staring them on the face?


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