What if taxes were spent on where it should?

The reason why developed countries like Norway are ‘developed’ is that taxes go where they should and institutions (e.g. rule of law, accountability) are in place and largely running as they should; which is why they have high school buildings such as this

Vagen High School, Sandnes, Norway via designboom

Whereas here because public officials steal taxes by the billions each year, Filipino children make do with this sorry image of a school building.   What differences can you make out in the two educational environments?  And the government is a signatory to the Convention of the Rights of Children!  And we say quality education is the State’s priority!

school building via deped region 5

Shame to these public officials!  But more shame to a system peopled with accomplices who perpetuate ignorance among Filipinos especially the young!  Instead of taxes going to much-needed and long-overdue upgrade of public school buildings (many that are standing were build during the American occupancy post WWII!), these were used to buy various personal luxurious properties!  

What evidence is the court waiting for before it starts the formal trial rolling?  What evidence is the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee planning to squeeze out of the whistleblowers before it can already make a decision?  How much longer is justice being denied to this nation of 90M+ by these few corrupt individuals?


One thought on “What if taxes were spent on where it should?

  1. Kapag walang nakulong sa anomalyang ito ay dapat ng magisip ang taong bayan. Sobra na ang pahirap ang ginagawa ng ating mga senador at congressmen ang kakapal talaga ng mga mukha pinipilit na tiuwid ang mali at nililiko ang tama.
    Si Sen. Drilon sabit din hinde kaya ang political system natin ay si Judas Iscariot ang author hinde maikaila sa pangkasalukuyang nagaganap at masahul pa kasi si judas ay nagsisi and later on ay nagpakamatay sa kahihiyan.


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