In the company of thieves

“I am not a thief.”

The President may not be one but because of the “company” he keeps and adamant to keep (i.e. certain Cabinet appointees, fellows of the Liberal Party, etc. implicated in corrupt practices), the label is now being extended to him.  This is hurting him, too, in a big way considering that it has compelled him to go on national tv to do the speech, strangely coinciding on Halloween too.

“I am not a thief.”

And so are the majority of Filipino taxpayers.  The President’s declaration mirrors the sentiment of the people, who are more than scandalized and appalled by the greed, deceit, and injustice in public officials.  The emotions that the accusation have stirred up in the President are the same as what the people are feeling. The President and the people are, in fact, on the same page in this.

Who is then the thief or thieves?

Well, as what the media and the people have been saying since the revelation of the pork barrel scam (and other news of corruption in government agencies e.g. BOC, DOTC), let justice run its course.  But, so far, what the nation has been witnessing is a circus, with some clowns exiting and new clowns getting in, staging a comedy directed this way and that, in a bid to make the audience “see the joke”.  The tragedy is, as goes the song, these clowns fail to see that, while they started the joke and had the whole nation crying (or, laughing, depends), the joke is actually on them.

For the longest time, the elected of this country have dammed in justice; the waters, now, could very well have reached raging.


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