A chance to do smart urban planning for Tacloban City

One of the national dailies featured a photo of a sign made by the affected in Tacloban City.  It says, “there is no hope”.  I say, there is always hope.  One dares to hope.  As long as there is breath in us, we hope.  Even after death, the soul hopes.  The human being is Hope personified.

So yes there is hope after Haiyan.  I imagine that land use and urban planners, with the locals, of course, can’t wait to participate in revisioning and rebuilding a new city, a smart city, a phoenix, out of the old.  A chance at sustainable.  And given the City’s location, to look into the feasibility of building critical emergency facilities (e.g. warehouse to contain emergency supplies, emergency shelter, communications center) and laying out communication lines, all underground.  This is definitely something exciting to look forward to and a compelling reason to stay and remain hopeful.


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