The time for urgent charity

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas is urging everyone to stop pointing fingers with respect to the slow relief operations in Yolanda-hit areas as this will only “increase damage and add to confusion” to the typhoon victims.

“Let us celebrate what is right. Let us do what is right, the right that we can do no matter how small. Let us not allow the magnitude to overwhelm us. Feed one by one. Help one at a time,” Villegas said.

“We need to help one another. Those who want to help must help together,” the incoming CPCP president said.

“This is the time for charity, urgent charity. This is the time for lighting our small little candles together to fight the darkness and gloom. This is the time to spread inspiration, to dig for more hope and to send off more positive vibes in the air,” he added.


If only this was the advice of the Bishops earlier in summer this year, when some from their rank divided the nation into Buhay and Patay teams, confusing voters in the process. Now, the country is being tipped between buhay and patay!

Tomorrow, the good Cardinal Tagle urges the nation to make it a day of penance and fasting.  I think this is more applicable to those in their rank who started the consciousness for divisiveness and the public officials implicated in the 10-billion pork barrel scam.  Taxpayers – many now dead in this disaster because their leaders refused them their rights (e.g. land tenure. if this had been worked out in the past, the dead could’ve moved into better homes in better locations instead of squatting on high-risk shorelines where “rent” is cheaper) – have been fasting for quite some time already.  Their senseless deaths – their bodies strewn in the open for all the world to check on, unclaimed, buried en masse, where is human dignity there?  – seen against this irresponsibility in their leaders is already a penance, not for themselves but for those who lived.  When they came into this world, their mothers had huge hopes and dreams for them.  But because of a sociopolitical environment that looks down on and punishes poor people, their end has come to this. They did not choose to go out this way.  It is the rules of the game, set up in such a way that they could never ever hope to scale, that did it to them.

But indeed yes this is the time for urgent charity and charity as we know begins at home/the self.

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