What if the Senators named in the pork barrel scam did community service?

The byline these days is damayan, bayanihan, let’s all join hands.  For me, whose hands are joining in also matters.  I would like to see the Senators implicated in the pork barrel scam joining in, maybe not as volunteers but imposed on them as reparation to the community they have stolen from.  Paris Hilton did and it was not because of corruption.

They could relive their boy scout days and perhaps in the process rediscover their lost boyhoods by setting up and managing the camp, un/loading the planes or ferries of relief goods, fetching water, and such.  Or, discover and unleash their nurturing side by baby-sitting the children so that the mothers can have an hour or so of much-needed rest.  They would do this service, at least for 90 days to include the Christmas holidays.

Hopefully, after the service, the seeds of generosity and authentic concern for others would’ve penetrated their spirits and maybe then we can have a move on with the case.  But if the experience effects nothing, then we know for sure the face of hardened.


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