The Neda said that 90 percent of the losses were in the private sector, that damage to property amounted to P424.3 billion, and that lost income amounted to P146.8 billion.

This is the status quo description for losses incurred in disasters.  It does not capture the real cost of the catastrophe, the survivors’ anguish, terror, anxiety for the future including.  Present and currently used measurements are from the perspective of the market.  These metrics suggest that, in the real world, if you have money you are able to buy your right, that is, right to housing, for one.

But what options do you have when like the Haiyan survivors all your assets in the world bar yourself are gone?  when, like the majority of the survivors, insurance is not a word hence there is nothing at all to recoup after the damages?  It means, in a market-based world your rights will have to be suspended, for some unforeseeable time. 


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