Metro BLISTT: anyare?


Baguio City as many Filipinos know is now quite built up.   The City is very much highly developed with a population that’s more than it’s able to handle whereas outlying areas are underutilized.  To accommodate more growth, it can either go outward or upward (i.e. taller buildings). 

The City’s growth is not solely the concern of the City though, but also the outlying and neighboring municipalities.  There is a proposal, drawn after the 1991 earthquake, to organize these areas and the City to form Metro BLISTT (note: Sablan is part of this) and as one body rationalize the development of the City and the five outlying municipalities as a contiguous and seamless metropolitan. The map above shows that within Metro BLISTT there is available space for growth and development.

Thing is, the proposal remains a proposal 21 years since 1991.  As we say, anyare?


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