It is the design, stupid

It is design and materials that make even the tiniest dwellings liveable.  Wide windows that let lots of air and light in should do the trick.  The last thing survivors of trauma, I’m referring to those who survived Haiyan/Yolanda, need is a dark and depressing hole.  House, in the context of the right to housing, is, should be, a place where inhabitants won’t go insane just by living in it.  House, in the context of climate change adaptation, is–but of course what it is is popular knowledge already, especially after Haiyan/Yolanda.

The PHP900,000 (USD21,500) allocation per bunkhouse, if more progressive builders were called into the Project, should’ve produced a better unit such as this actual model at Inhabitat shown below.  Incidentally, the motto at Inhabitat goes ‘design will save the world’. Indeed, in the context of post-Haiyan/Yolanda, it does.


Below are ones from designboom:





In view of these better models which are ecofriendly and cost less, the bunkhouse Project is a total and massive waste of public money in that so much was spent for a sty that is to be razed on “the third day”.

DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson is getting his boxers unnecessarily twisted up and in the wrong way.  Rather than taking up a fight with the public, who has no direct hand in the Project although being the financier naturally wants to know how come shit was built out of its money, the Secretary should instead reorient this combative energy internally to within the Department, particularly DPWH RO X (Cagayan de Oro) the direct implementer.  If I were Mr. Singson, I’d raise hell over at RO X as to who designed and approved the whole thing because if I were a professor in architecture, the grade I’d give to the design is F which stands for try harder and see you again next semester!


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