Justice for all parties in the pork barrel scam

Bitter reminder of how justice is being handled in the Philippines' pork barrel scam

US public figures and power couple, the McDonnells, have been indicted after a year of preliminary investigation whereas here Janet Napoles and company are being paraded and passed around the Senate and detention centers. This system deprives them as well as the people of justice.  The proper venue for Senator Bong Revilla‘s, as well as that of the other implicated public officials’, self defense is the court.  And Napoles can’t stay in detention forever.  To detain her without a proper hearing of her case in court and subsequently a verdict impinges on her constitutional right and therefore illegal.  (Incidentally, and similarly, the cases against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, currently under hospital arrest, should’ve been heard in court 100 years ago.)  Most of all, the nation, whose money has been corrupted by these accused, shouldn’t be kept in suspense and agony, like parents whose child has gone missing, awaiting closure of the case.


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