“Typhoon Haiyan: Aerial footage shows how Tacloban has recovered six months on”

Some of the debris are gone although, disturbingly, the truck (0:49) and ships (2:05, 2:40,3:57 – where are the owners of these?) are still there.  The road looks good.  Nature has clothed itself green once more.  But, on the whole, and this is the critical part, it’s back to pre-Haiyan:  houses and buildings are right on the shore, and in some places, on the water.

Where are our promises to “build back better”?  Where is the promise to mitigate climate risks?  Where is the rehabilitation plan for Tacloban?  Soon the typhoon months are upon us again.  Considering that Tacloban is the region’s capital city, the hub of trade, and the continuing effort, local and international, put in to bring in aid to this City, you’d think that the government has learned its lessons and is moving heaven and earth even if to prove to itself that it can do better this time.  For starters, it should’ve not allowed people to build right on the coast, instead direct them to so-called soon-to-be procured lands.  Couldn’t we have reminded them that building on the coast, post-Haiyan, is prohibited?  Besides, didn’t the City Government ordain it? Does reminding people of this ordinance entail financing from the GAA?  The people, per the footage, apparently have some funds to rebuild their houses and so they should be reminded to do it farther inland.

Didn’t we who survived shake with fear from the winds of Haiyan?  Didn’t we cry our eyes out for the dead, missing, and who’ve lost everything?  My god, are we idiots?  If people who have rebuild their houses on the shore are, could we not go to their level?  But of course these are the slums, the ones who went out first during Haiyan.  What is the government going to do about it this time?



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