Video: Philippine Supreme Court Decides on RH Law

Found this video of the day Philippine SC announced in Baguio City it’s decision on the contested constitutionality of the RH Law.  It proves, once again, that significant change can be effected by relatively small but nonetheless well-organized, determined, persistent, and cohesive groups.


One thought on “Video: Philippine Supreme Court Decides on RH Law

  1. I was talking to a former ambassador of canada to the vatican a couple of months ago. he is now a priest here in the philippines. he said that when the UN pushed for RH policies they intend the good. i believe so. in the 1980s Filipino intellectuals were wary of the psychological and social effects of reproductive health policies since they do not come from us. a numerical approach to social development is not always enough, it provides a very limited view. somehow somewhere there is something wrong with the way reproductive issues are being presented – they only had an inkling then. some Filipinos who were rather educated and critical of Western encroachment predicted the effects of such policies to European countries. in particular i did not know how is it really affecting Europe. a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a German who is now living here in Davao. he was a former soldier and has now two children with a Filipina. he complains that Germany is no longer a very good place, well at least for him. Africans and other refugees from third world countries are populating their place. he could no longer take the sight of Germans cleaning the “shit left by these refugees who sleep on our streets.” they are not civilized according to him. he adds, “now they are coming and coming into our country and they inter-marry with us and they have more children than us.” he does not like that. then i told him that we are a third world country, how do you think could we develop? he said, limit your children. i was taken aback. he just told me his fears for his own country why would we follow their track? i have some realizations here: that individual choices have great social and national repercussions; second the proponents of these RH mentality are westerners with little regard for us, if any at all; third we are children in their sight and we are continuously to be fed with their own “civilized way.” i find it ironic for Filipinos donning native costumes and yet are vigorously fighting for western values that imperil our own – their ideas are not at all bad, but we don’t have to take them hook line and sinker. Vietnamese people are now voicing their own frustration at us, they who have taken RH law thinking that it will help them. a Vietnamese priest told me, “you Filipinos will be very stupid if enact the same law into your country. they have told us the same thing in the past what they say to you, they have said to us in the past. but this RH only destroyed our culture. we are Asians. their mentality simply don’t fit with ours.” we are poor not because we are many, but because we have supported corruption one way or another.


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