Wind power: the case of Denmark

The DOE lists ocean and wind power as potential energy sources, and I think that’s where government’s R&D on renewable energy sources should go. This country’s surrounded by water, there’s rain half of the year, and typhoons throughout.  We could look at these as harbingers of destruction which they are as well but the flip side is that these are practically free and raw energies that we should harness and reuse to power up the entire country.

Denmark’s experience is a good example.

Considering that the forecast for the future is one marked by energy crises and search for alternatives, the Philippines should embark to secure a sustainable supply and the best time is now.  At the moment, we’re caught in the middle of that search i.e. the feud over oil-laden islets in the South China Sea which in the years prior to today’s China’s active claim we failed to take advantage of.  The game of China is perhaps one wherein finders are the keepers, but of course the crisis on that sea is not such a game.  Yet the message is there once again:  this country should be more proactive.


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