On the latest developments in the PDAF scam

After what seemed like a lifetime, it was finally time for the opening statements of Catherine London’s trial… It wasn’t that there hadn’t been pretrial motions—there had. Catherine’s attorneys had filed almost every one possible. They’d requested a change in venue, to no avail. They’d filed challenge after challenge to the evidence and the witnesses. There was a plethora of expert witnesses who were expected to testify for the prosecution. Catherine’s attorneys had challenged every one of them. At one point they’d even attempted to have the charges dismissed. Since the grand jury had convened and found probable cause, the likelihood of a dismissal was low; nevertheless, they gave it a shot. It seemed like her attorneys were following a handbook on how to delay trial proceedings and checking each box as they went.

Catherine was led into the courtroom. Quickly assessing her, Brent saw that she’d lost weight in prison and allowed her hair to go gray. The end result was that she appeared older and frailer. She definitely appeared older than her true fifty-three years… From his eye, Catherine appeared to be more a frail grandmother, than a serial murderer. He hoped it wouldn’t work.

As the Simmonses and Vandersols listened, the US Attorney… spin a well-fabricated web for the jury. If Brent hadn’t known it to be true, he would have questioned its veracity. For small-town America, it was a thriller!

Unfortunately, the story wasn’t a novel, and it wasn’t fiction. Innocent lives had been lost and others destroyed…

Brent prayed that it was a hit out of the park. After everyone who’d suffered, he wanted the frail woman at the front table to die a lonely death in a lonely cell. It wasn’t a nice wish, but it was the one he harbored.

– Chap. 18, Behind His Eyes-Convicted: The Missing Years, companion book to Consequences series by Aleatha Romig


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