Exciting possibilities for Philippine railways

The Philippine National Railways’ corporate life has been extended another 50 years, paving the way to big planning for the expansion of railway transport in the country.

To promote and sustain commuters’ interest in rail transport, Amtrak, in the US, launched a couple of interesting initiatives: Amtrak Residency, and Psychylustro.  The Amtrak Residency programme offers free two- to five-day residency in sleeper cars on it’s long distance routes to “creative professionals who are passionate about train travel and writing to work on their craft in an inspiring environment”.  The Psychylustro Project, on the other hand, is a series of abstract murals at the company’s Philadelphia stations “that turn train rides into full blown art shows”.

In another continent, Europe, railway transport is a fixture on it’s landscape.  Mere mention of the region evokes mental images of railways.  It’s Harry Potter’s choice of transport!

It once was on the homefront.  Hopefully, it will be again in the foreseeable future.

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