Hazing: the Perfect Storm theory

Another young life cut short.  Understanding why bullying and hazardous hazing happen are subsets in understanding crime — what drives a person to inflict hurt on others or kill even? Is there a distinct personality or psyche that distinguishes criminals from non-criminals?  Is it nature or nurture?

insidehazing.com provides insight to the phenomenon:

The psychology of hazing involves several elements, which collide within a specific framework and cause “the perfect storm” increasing the likelihood of hazardous hazing events. The conditions of the theory are as follows:

  1. Human Nature
  2. Developmental Needs
  3. Traditions and Initiation Rites
  4. Circumstances
  5. Personalities and Emotional States
  6. Dynamics of the Group
  7. Personality and Style of Adult leader
  8. Sado-masochistic Paradigm
  9. Attitudes Toward Authority
  10. Unconscious Psychological Forces



The ten conditions do occur alone and in combination at other times; however when some or all of the conditions occur as stated, it is more likely that hazing will skid into the hazardous zone.


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