The financial cost of ignorance and stubbornness on the road

Vehicular accidents for the first quarter of this year alone numbered 14,000 in all.  That’s 155 accidents daily!

The good news is, DOTC has a new set of rules covering land transportation violations.  I expect these to deter and change current behavior of hardened violators in particular, and to instill user discipline and responsibility on the roads in general.  The fines are much higher and I welcome it.  It’s time vehicle owners feel the dent of the consequences of their actions where it hurts the most — their pockets.

Vehicle owners or drivers, at least in the Philippines, are in general among the most stubborn of Filipinos, deliberately ignorant of traffic rules and road signages.  They insist on setting their own rules even if these are written, clearly and easy to understand (see image below,emphasizing the message). It’s only in Makati City CBD where drivers stop a good distance from pedestrian lanes even without a traffic enforcer signaling them to. Everywhere else, drivers rule the road however they please.

via flickr

Parking violations are covered in the new regulations and the fine for parking in areas defined below is one thousand pesos.

4 meters from the driveway entrance

In front of a private driveway

At any place where signs of prohibitions have been installed

Apparently, quite a number of private car owners do not like the new DOTC Order hence their protest tomorrow (July 4).  They’ve a right to air their views but afterward I hope they realize that if they follow traffic rules – which are standard across the globe – they wouldn’t have to pay anything.  I hope they’ll come to see that the new rules will benefit conscientious car owners as well.  With the higher amount of fines, car owners are expected to realize that following traffic rules as opposed to becoming violators costs them nothing at all.  All they have to do is download the Order, print it out (only 25 pages), familiarize themselves with the provisions, if needed call or drive by the local LTO offices for clarifications, and stash a copy inside their cars.


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