Smart vs Intelligent cities

Smart cities… initiatives turn to technology for the solution to their problems, from traffic congestion to leakage from water mains, public safety to parking tickets. They use information and communications technology (ICT) to do more with less.

In such smart city projects, in one end goes a lot of specialised ICT — sensors, actuators and servers run by sophisticated software developed and installed by brainy engineers. Out the other end comes better, faster and cheaper performance… Costs fall permanently and fewer people are needed to run things.

Intelligent communities, on the other hand, generate more economic energy. The goal is not simply to create new process efficiencies, but new ICT-based industries and jobs… By focusing on wealth creation and prosperity, intelligent communities use ICT-driven initiatives as springboards to give more people the chance to participate in the world’s knowledge-based digital economy, instead of being overtaken or made redundant by inexorable progress.

– Robert Bell, Is being a smart city enough?  What about being a truly intelligent community?, The Global Urbanist


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