World Cup 2014

Readers of this blog may be wondering why my thoughts on soccer are here, but my focus right now is on the World Cup as it’s heating up toward the finals.  Early in the games, my line up was Espana, Brazil, and Argentina – because players from my team, Barca, are in them (until Philippines plays on the world stage, I’m die hard FCB).  The latest to go is Brazil – really very sad  – along with other viewers, I’m still reeling from it’s unbelievably huge 7-1 loss to Germany (which on one hand is also home to the best soccer players). Fans of injured Neymar Jr. are recompensed – it appears the Barca Club player (especially that Silva was also not in) really did carry the team.  With Brazil out, it’s now Argentina.

I want the final match to be between Germany and Argentina, because apart from wanting Argentina (and Messi) to win, it’d be a drab ending to the 2014 Cup if the contender was another EURO team, Netherlands which is to be fair another traditionally strong team.  In fact, the line up to the finals in this Cup are soccer’s old-time winners (missing England and Spain), and winning is just a matter of technicalities (i.e. preparedness, form, cohesion), a sprinkling of luck, and it seems, this year, presence of a “talisman-player” or players (Netherlands this year has a winning combination of prepared and formidable players, like Robben).

But first, Argentina and Netherlands – oh god I don’t know if I could bring myself to actually watch the match up.  My fingers (and even toes!) are crossed that the prediction for the team will come true.


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