World Cup 2014 Part II

I get why Mommy Dionisia prefers not to watch her son’s, Manny Pacquiao’s, ring fights. The thought of losing is unbearable.  The thought’s magnified a thousand times when you actually watch the game. From the start until the end of the game, you’re on ultra hyper mode, on the edge, swinging to desperate then hopeful and back. When the game doesn’t work out the way you wanted, your emotions free fall in slow mo, your stunned mind trying to understand the loss. Even when you hit “land”, you’re still replaying and wondering about the outcome.  I might spend this whole year recovering.

But Argentina won!

That said, the final match: against Germany, another formidable giant, the favorite and predicted winner.  I’m overwhelmed at the Germans’ collective strength.  They entered each and every match of this Cup stronger (broken only, and interestingly, by Ghana) and I know they’re going to bring it all down on the pitch Sunday.  But because I’m stubbornly FCB, I go for David.  In any case, the match is a fitting and exciting close for the World Cup 2014, if one thinks about balanced representation of the world’s poles and history between the teams.

If Argentina wins the match, it will be the world champion for the third time after 1978 and 1986. If Germany defeats Argentina, it will be the world champion for the fourth time after 1954, 1974 and 1990. These two teams have been arch-rivals. They have already faced each other in two world cup finals. This is the third time the South American team meets the European giant in a world cup final.

International Business Times

Fingers crossed.  Breathe.


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