The ice bucket challenge, in the Philippine context

The ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  The dare has caught on in the capital here.  I assume that it’s also for ALS but in light of the diseases persisting in this country, the challenge as spearheaded by politicians and civil servants is incongruous.

The ice bucket challenge should’ve been taken by the nation’s politicians in order to “say” to the Filipino public that after the PDAF Scam they’re beginning to be aware of their duties and responsibilities.  Dowsing their heads in iced water, perhaps 10 buckets of, may be their sincerest public gesture yet.

Also, I’m surprised anti-pork rally organizers didn’t latch on the challenge to promote their campaign.  There might have been more than a million who’d have accepted the challenge!

Lastly, if there’s one disease that Pinoys ought to be taking a challenge for, it’s HIV/AIDS.  There’s not enough public funding or endowments to address the ever increasing threat as well as public awareness of the disease.

Otherwise, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a marketing coup!  It helped that big names were the first to do the challenge. While I don’t think it has really raised awareness about ALS, it surely has raised the needed funding for ALS.  Fairly quickly from around the globe too and without the crippling layer of bureaucracy.  A marketing model to learn from.

brian mcfadden on thenewyorktimes

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