Which framework?

‘In aid of legislation’ is supposedly the aim of the Blue Ribbon Committee in opening the investigation of the alleged overpriced Makati City Hall Two. With this as the framework of the investigation, it is expected that the Committee will focus on the issue e.g. whether or not the project complied with quality standards, the end result being, perhaps, a white paper on compliance to quality standards especially of public buildings which in turn would be an input to policy making e.g. the long overdue updating of the 1972 National Building Code.

But, what is this about the real objective of the investigation being the investigation of public officials who’ve allegedly committed plunder?  How would an investigation of plunder aid legislation unless the ensuing Committee report feeds it’s findings into a white paper on the Philippine Government’s anti-corruption efforts similar to China’s first white paper on the subject?

Words may just be that, but words issued by the Senate are to be taken seriously.  When the Senate takes the opposite direction from what it said it will take, this confuses people. When this goes on a long time, it is called dysfunction.


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