The US Government’s torture report: power in vulnerability

When a world superpower makes known it’s vilest of mistakes the rest of the world is dumbfounded and recovering say, Whoa!  Is it for real?  Who in his or her right mind puts a self-annihilating report out there?  Who is the government that willingly exposes itself to attack and it’s members to possible trial and imprisonment?

Well, it’s the government that has had enough of exerting power antithetical to it’s founding values. It’s the government that is ready to do what is right. This is reform.

In instigating the process and despite exposing itself, the US Government has inimically taken the high moral ground.  Never again could torture as a means of war go on as before.  The report has set people everywhere free of their speculations and because they’re now already aware could decisively chart ways moving forward.

In the Philippines, for example, what methods does government employ to wing out information from prisoners and suspects alike?  Does the left arm know what the right one’s doing?  Do the people know?

On another level, publication of the report conveys to surviving victims, their families and communities especially a sincere message of justice and reconciliation and when the process is effectively managed could result to that needed breakthrough in the West’ relations with the Mideast.

In the end, the report could set off real reform or not depending on the follow through.  Hillary Clinton has already put forward the logical next step which is legislation banning torture.


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