“The evaluator’s coming to town!”

Only evaluators would be laughing out loud at this:

She sees data you’re keeping,
She knows the plans you make,
She knows if programs are bad or
(Most are good, for goodness sake!)
So…you better watch out
You better not cry,
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
The evaluator’s coming to town!

(excerpt from The Evaluator’s Coming to Town, Community Solutions)

Internal evaluators have it worse as friction at the office, usually with colleagues in Operations, is a constant.  It’s expected considering that asking tough questions is part of their job description although this doesn’t mean that they’re in evaluation mode 24/7!

During my time as one, the only person at the office who was relatively at ease in my company was our General Services Staff because his work – cleaning the comfort rooms, for one – wasn’t in my list of things to evaluate.

On coffee breaks, after the usual greetings to colleagues already inside the room a few of whom I may have had some vigorous exchange with only moments before, he was the one I chatted with because I supposed he felt he could freely talk to me.  By this I mean he didn’t worry that I was checking on his every word for like Freudian slips that if he was in Program or Operations he’s afraid would expose his inefficiency or ineffectiveness. Also, the guy’s knowledgeable on a lot of topics so that our exchanges even if for a few minutes were gratifying.  In fact I’ll go further and say such brief respites helped me maintain a positive outlook of my work.

So then holiday cheers to evaluators out there!  Here’s looking forward to the International Year of Evaluation in 2015!


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