Faith of a simple people and the 2016 elections

He’s like a political candidate! I was amused at this comment made on the turn up of Filipinos beginning Day One of the Pope’s visit. Indeed because after the Pope, it’s the country’s popular electoral candidates who have the ability to attract massive crowds and following.

Crowd at the Sunday Mass in Luneta Park on 18 January

Taken by the fervor of crowds that greeted him everywhere, Pope Francis told Cardinal Tagle, I cannot fathom the faith of simple people.

And that’s the catch.

In the hands of this Pope, people of simple faith  are challenged and raised up for what they’re truly worth. But the same in the hands of politicians especially those who have no heart at all for these people?

National elections are just around the corner and I hope that the people – especially the voting poor – would have ingested the Pope’s words by then: think well, feel well, and do well. Then again that goes both ways. One could not really expect the ignorant to be transformed in less than twelve months without others who think well, feel well, and do well for them, meaning, civil society going in to educate them about their voting rights, the electoral process, and facilitate discussions about the future they want as an alternative means by which to choose leaders.



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