Biodiversity and ecosystem services, again

How much is naturally filtered fresh air? How much is naturally filtered clean water? How much is cooled air and natural flood control as provided by mature forest cover? Planners, whether in government or the private sector, seem to forget that nature’s diverse ecosystems are their allies in service provision.

The way land is used impact on biodiversity and ecosystems hence the imperative for local government units to incorporate assessments and valuation of such into the land use planning process so that instead of looking up at the sky there’s now these evidential bases for land use decisions. Besides, valuation of ecosystem services is a mandate in the Philippines (EO 46) lodged with the DENR, NEDA, and NSCB. These three agencies need to collaborate with LGUs as to integration of the Philippine Economic-Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting (PEENRA) into the LGU development planning process.


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