Evaluating with children Part 2

Children are also the most enthusiastic group, once they’ve warmed up. I once visited a school in Davao City for a lesson learning study for a client organization. The school was among the beneficiaries under the client organization’s technical support for the national K12 program. It had augmented the school’s inventory of learning aids as an integral component of a teacher training series.

After introductions in which I felt welcomed by their smiles and easy manner, the class proceeded to demonstrate the use of these materials in their subject lessons. I could see that the children have mastered the games and are ready to learn new ones. Their eagerness and zest soon made me forgot my discomfort from the morning heat. At intervals, the teacher, using a portable microphone, had to bring back order to the group.

In the afternoon, I interviewed three pupils from the class. Observing and listening to them, I’m once again reminded of the fact that children, when allowed to be themselves and supported in their growth, are really smart and have naturally sharp intellect.


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