Lessons yet to be learned Part 2

Governments are privy to information gathered by intelligence services and other means that the general public does not possess. Because the public is not in possession of this information, the public is not in as advantaged a position to determine whether the conditions are met. As a result, the public must in significant measure be prepared to trust its leaders to make the right decision.

There may not be a guarantee that the government will do so, but, except in the case of fundamentally evil regimes, it is more likely that the government would arrive at an appropriate course of action than would the general public.

This is not to say that the public has no voice in such matters. Particularly in democracies, it does. The public elects its leaders and, through public debate, helps guide its leaders’ decisions. Nevertheless, the general public does not bear ultimate responsibility for the decision to go to war. That belongs “to the prudential judgment” of its political leaders. They must evaluate the situation and make their best judgment whether the conditions for just war have been fulfilled.

– Just War Doctrine, catholic.com

Inside the Baguio Cathedral, Mary is garbed in the colors of the Philippine Flag. I’m not sure what to make of that, though my feelings veer toward that of mild shock. It’s because one way to see it is in the context of whether or not the state of the Philippines today is a fitting dress, so to speak, for Mary. In other words, it’s like clothing The Woman Whom Jesus Esteemed Above All Women with the sins of this country. Or, perhaps I’m just reading into that too much. In any case, by dressing her in that the country at least and especially after the Pope’s visit and the emotional high it brought should align itself to the values associated with her (e.g. listening more), and it can start now with how Senate investigations are being conducted.

There ought to be a coherent framework (in contrast to the haphazard questionings in the past three days) to guide the Senate investigation (or the responsible agency’s investigation for that matter) of the SAF operation in Mamasapano and the subsequent reaction of the MILF. The just war theory (introduced by St. Augustine’s, St. Thomas Aquinas’) could be that.


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