On the state of affairs at Camp John Hay Part I

The instance the news was made public this nursery rhyme set off in my mind, with ‘dog’ replaced by ‘government’.  Like that dog, the government in as far as development of Camp John Hay is concerned, has been as mischievous if not more considering the fact that it has made the Camp’s developer’s life and ultimately locators’ and locals’ a relative purgatory since after the Americans turned over the property.  That was more than a decade now.

Government failed to show itself a role model for public-private partnership and instead, like the meddling in-law, became the very wedge that caused such partnerships to fall apart. Instead of maintaining itself as a disinterested party, it has effectively served as ambassadors for and aligned itself with rent seekers it favors. It continues to fail at creating a good climate for doing business as a result affecting achievement of targets in the CJH Master Plan.

Where is good governance in all these? Where is the promised straight path in all these? Where is accountability in all these?


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