Another preventable tragedy

As the nation approaches Labor Day on Friday, it finds itself again contending with a Filipino OFW who has been sentenced to die by firing squad for transporting drugs.  Note that this again involves a Filipina (versus the number of similar cases involving Filipino men abroad).  Doesn’t this say something about the extent that Filipino women go to in order to feed their families back home? the despair for income that Filipino women struggle with in order to send money for everybody at home? the sort of justice that Filipino women of different socio-economic status are dealt with?  Think Janet Napoles of the PDAF Scam who continues to be in relative comfort.

In this light, the protests and vigil that the Filipino community organized for Veloso should not have been against the Indonesian Government (which is only doing it’s job, an ethically difficult one– contemplating between justice and mercy) but more for institutions and decision-makers back home, that they strive to walk the incorruptible path, support quality public education of CYP and adults, and facilitate for a more inclusive economic growth and balanced regional development (because Metro Manila is not the entire Philippines).  The tragic end of Veloso is not her fault alone.


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