On the Bangsamoro Basic Law Part I

This is my contribution to the ongoing debate over BBL, the first in a series.  I am for an independent Bangsamoro State or sub-State but it’s creation and organization need to be fleshed out with care.


The first order of the day is for the Parties to define what the ‘status quo’ that both regard as unacceptable, because the status quo is:

1.   Who is a ‘Bangsamoro’?  The Parties define ‘Bangsamoro’ as


‘Bangsamoro’ in it’s historical, social, cultural and political dimensions however continues to be relatively unknown by majority of Filipinos.  Plenty of speculative definitions of who they are are in circulation and much of it not good.

Moreover, this people’s political orientation as shaped by their culture would define the kind of government to be put in place .  The Framework suggests that a ministerial form of government is the right one, but is it considering that Bangsamoros govern themselves differently?

2.   The continued silence and minority status of the Bangsamoro people.  The MILF has assumed the role as representative.  If the Bangsamoro people elected the group, fine.  But the concern is, there’s no word from these people that such is indeed the case; in other words, the consent of the governed, the source of legitimacy in this undertaking, in the same manner as the Philippine Government is legitimate in so far as it is supported by the Filipino people.


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