On the advice that Pacquiao quit

(Y)ou wouldn’t say to Picasso, “When are you going to put those brushes down? Get rid of the canvas, you’ve done it!”

(A)n artist has an obligation to be en route, to be going somewhere. There’s a journey involved here, and you don’t know where it is, and that’s the fun. So you’re always going to be seeking and looking and going and trying to challenge yourself. Without sitting around thinking of that a lot, it drives you, and it keeps you trying to be fresh, trying to be new, trying to call on yourself–call on yourself a little more.

George Carlin

I believe that’s what Pacquiao did– called on himself a little more in the face of overwhelming odds (i.e. Mayweather’s height, reach, and popularity, the venue, panel of judges). He did his best. But telling him to quit afterward when he himself has not expressed it is like a dagger driven deep into his sense of creative purpose.


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