Additional water source: Fog

On the summit of a mountain named Boutmezguida, which looms over the villages at 1,225 metres (4,019 feet), thick fog shrouds about 40 finely-meshed panels designed to trap water and relay it to a network of pipes.

Tiny droplets are caught on the mesh while fog wafts through panels. The harvesters mix all they catch with more water derived from drilling, then supply the villages on the lower slopes.

The mesh that traps water is “merely an imitation of nature”… spiders have always caught minute droplets of water in their webs.

Moroccans harvest fog for water, Agence France-Presse

The Cordilleras including Baguio City, also a mountain city, can get really foggy fairly regularly throughout the year.  Given this, fog harvesting poses to be a reliable additional water source especially in the interior of the Cordilleras where piped water supply, Level III or individual connection, remains a dream for many households.



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