On the US Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

– Martin Luther

And who is to say that a marriage is good?  Primarily the two individuals creating and forming the marriage, of course.  This is the essence of the US Supreme Court’s decision– that a couple’s happiness cannot be dictated upon by million others outside the union.

Individuals are free to choose with whom they want to form good marriages with.  Gender is beside the point as men and women are both capable of forming “lovely, friendly, and charming relationship or communion”.

Moreover procreation is not the be-all and end-all of marriage.  The stigma on unions of the same sex is rooted in the universal conviction that the ultimate purpose of marriage is procreation.  How could there be different standards applied to marriage between man and woman and marriage as between men or women and God? Isn’t rather the end goals of all marriages communion, joy and happiness however these are defined by the couple?

This is what the ruling is saying. For those who are happy with a traditional relationship, marriage between the opposite sexes is not going away.  It’s just that the right to marry is expanded to include once-excluded others.

However this doesn’t mean that, as Curtis Sittenfeld at The New York Times writes, now that same-sex marriage is legal… plenty of gay people won’t get married just because they can, just as plenty of straight people don’t, because the decision to marry, for gay or straight, is a deeply personal one. 


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