Goodness gracious great balls of fire!  Or is it, goddamned balls on fire?  “40 years of service” and this was what the public got!

Scantily-clad women twerking on stage and (this is the outrageous part) just sworn-in political candidates in their yellow Party uniform with the Playgirls’ vaginas teasing their excitable noses and penises may be acceptable in any other private occasion, but because it happened at their oath-taking for next year’s national election the event became the very example of what the law castigates as ‘acts against public morals’.  The Playgirls at least were just doing their job, what they were paid to do, fulfilling the law of demand and supply (think Tina Turner’s Private Dancer:  a dancer for money, I’ll do what you want me to do, only in this case the public was let in on what should be a private show).

Stupido is the word to describe the event organizer and all the politicians who participated in the twerking, whether sitting down or dancing with the women, because who is the political candidate with an iota of thinking cell in his or her brain who’d willingly prostitute his or her image in public?

This is the sort of behavior among Filipino public officials that continues to mar the image of this country and Filipinos in general.  These officials obviously didn’t stop to think about protecting their names or the reputation of their Party or the community and that includes members of Playgirls!  Obviously, these people do not know their boundaries and cannot distinguish right from wrong.  Just like what happened in the PDAF Scam, nobody dared say, hey, stop.

As elected officials and leaders, the LP candidates, not the Playgirls, have the greater responsibility.  They’re policymakers for goodness’ sake!  Signing off on policies and laws to protect women!  And then this?  They’ve shown themselves as having questionable IQs and sensibilities!

A run through of this Party’s mission statement

We will start to make these changes first in ourselves – by doing the right things, by giving value to excellence and integrity and rejecting mediocrity and dishonesty, and by giving priority to others over ourselves. We will make these changes across many aspects of our national life.

Therein lies the judgment on those Party candidates.

The Filipino public especially young people are forewarned.  These are not the leaders we want or need.  If these sort with their idiotic minds and fear of standing up for what is right have for generations fooled our parents and grandparents, we are not.  In their time, it was OK to have I’m-horny-fuck-me-right-here shows alongside public oath-taking to the nation and the Flag.  But this we now know as conduct unbecoming of public officials.  We, today, now demand leaders worthy of our trust and votes.  And for lack of candidates who can lead this nation, let it result to a case of failed elections because underneath the appearance of a strong nation is actually one with a foundation in leadership that’s rotting and near collapse.


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