Not another urban mis-planning

As I’ve been repeatedly saying, Camp John Hay is what the downtown area would’ve looked like if proper urban planning had been done.  I’m saying this again as it’s what got my attention, again, when I went this weekend to Ayala Technohub which has, since privatization of the Camp, the look and feel of Greenbelt in Makati City.

The City’s urban planning blunders have piled up to such a state that it’s more cost-effective at least in the short term to continue doing nothing.  Surprisingly, no current Mayoral candidate has taken up urban planning as his or her platform considering that this is an urgent agenda for the City which may I add due a hundred years ago.

On one hand, there’s the proposed monorail to traverse the downtown area and end on the front doors of SM!  If City Hall is even considering this particular proposal, it needs to have it’s brain checked already.

But if there must be a monorail, the best route is one that will connect the towns in BLISTT (avoiding the City’s (and probably LT’s) already built-up downtown areas) and which will readily link to the rest of CAR in the future.

To design such a route, the City needs to have a brilliant and creative urban planner on it’s side.

But wait, what is this about DOST-CAR being the lead agency in project preparation?  It should be the BLISTT LGUs via it’s Governing Council.  What say NEDA-CAR a staunch supporter of this convergence?

DOST-CAR’s role is technical assistance i.e. technical input and review of the feasibility study (not the other way around i.e. LGUs doing the review) with LGUs as the project proponent.


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