APEC CEO SUMMIT 2015 insights from Alibaba’s Jack Ma: trade is a freedom

I love this guy.  If how I spend my days these days was just up to me, I’d have gone and attended APEC (I think every Filipino especially the young people should’ve participated one way or the other as discussions here will greatly shape the country’s and region’s future) and asked him for an autograph.

We said we’ll compete with people from Harvard, from Yale, from Berkeley.  But we’re not scared because we work as a team.  We have to dream, we believe that if we worked for 50 years we will make it.

Trading is about the culture, about the passion, the innovation, and creation.  Trade should not be used as a tool against other nations.

There should be a WTO 2.0 … to support the small guys.  I think people will say it’s so complicated and there’s lots of negotiations among the governments, let’s do it online first.

I believe…trust in the young people.  Believe them.  Help them.  Empower them.  Because we are entering into a world that is, should be, innovative.

You should always have the hope, try to make it sure that it’s not on the movie you see mission impossible.  It’s on the real life.  You have to make (the) mission possible.


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