The real McCoys

I don’t know why the national papers are ranting about the trAPEC in Metro Manila because if there’s a place right now that should cry foul it’s Baguio City where due to the week-long work holiday, the Metro’s entire population (not participating in APEC events) it seems have trekked up the mountain city, an anticipated situation it appears given coding here was lifted.

The rant against the lock down of roads in the Metro shows just who the real cause of daily road traffic is: people who are inordinately stubborn.  There’s no work, offices are closed and so are roads so why insist on going out?  So the real question is, have people today lost the capacity to slow down and enjoy life off the road, away from their workplace desks, take a break from raiding malls?; to be still?

In any case, how could one live in this century of globalization – in a Metropolitan – and yet not know what APEC stands for even?  Decisions made and not made and directions outlined at APEC eventually impact on ordinary people’s lives, on nation’s economies.  People might as well take time to know about these.


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