What is it with these comfort zones?

goddamnit. Twas my raging mind upon seeing that the held up at Loakan Road on Sunday for three unbelievable hours was due to policemen at the roundabout near the former main entrance of Camp John Hay. Not just one but four men in uniform were directing the traffic. It was either stubbornness or misplaced pride that had them continuing whatever they were trying to do even while it was obvious to everybody else that they were impeding the natural flow of vehicles.

This is always the case in that part of downtown (as well as at the DOH CAR and Baguio Medical Center juncture and the crossing at the corner of the police outpost on Marcos Highway after Baguio General Hospital).

Can we be a little more aware of how our actions are impacting those around us?  Can we make ourselves scarce at these choke points?  Can we instead for the sake of kapwa City residents design a more effective traffic plan during these festival (Panagbenga) days?  By now, after years of hosting this festival, we are experts as to the peculiar traffic situation hence could draw up the plan as easily as saying ABC. What’s happening is, traffic police are showing up in the streets just for the sake of showing up obviously without an intelligent plan.

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